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Who are we ?

PROTECTA was founded in Austria in the thirties, under the name of “GUSSOLIT,” and began producing and distributing electric and autogenic welding materials. This field of work was later enriched with a product line based on epoxy resins used on repair and joint techniques (chemical welding).
In the early fifties, the founder’s son moved GUSSOLIT to Germany and opened branches in Italy, France, South America as well as one in Barcelona, naming representatives throughout Spain. GUSSOLIT products (Metal Gussolit, Gupalon, Gupalit, GUSSOLITharz) became popular in the industrial maintenance sector.
In the seventies, this activity and the experienced gained throughout the years allowed the company, now PROTECTA, to adapt to the market’s needs, and along with the headquarters in Germany, to develop products and application techniques for the PROTECTION, REPARATION AND RENOVATION OF ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL FLOORS, NEW AND OLD.
First in Catalonia, Spain, but then throughout all of Spain, PROTECTA (registered name and trademark) offers a complete service ranging from a technician’s visit and assessment up to the delivery of the product in record time.
The factory production allows us to use the latest materials, a rigorous quality control and a product selection suitable to the most problematic floors.
Our own state of the art equipment guarantees a high level of finishes on all floor coverings, both on “dust-proof” EXTRAHARD COVERINGS or MULTI-LAYERED FLOORS made from self-levelling resins, or a highly resistant PVC tile system.










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PROTECTA S.A.U.  ·  C.I.F. : A-08275711
Domicilio: c/ Perú 104 08018 Barcelona
Teléfono: 932663435
Datos regístrales: Tomo 1956, folio 180, hoja 19084, libro 1363, sección 2, inscripción 1, Registro Mercantil de Barcelona
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